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Coming soon: Puppet Festival in the North

about the festival

The Puppet Festival in the North is a tradition of creation, which takes place every summer here at the Zigit Theater in Taban. This is a bilingual puppet festival that spans several days (usually during the summer holidays - July/August) and includes fun shows and a variety of activities: theatrical storytimes, outdoor activities and shows that children love!


Who is it suitable for?

The activities are suitable for ages 4-9 and are intended for parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, and organized groups, both Hebrew and Arabic speakers

Where does this happen?
The festival takes place at the Zikit Theater - 3 Dolev St., Tafen.

About Us...

The Zikit Theater is a multicultural visual theater that operates in Tefan in the Galilee and stages original plays for adults and children

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