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About the show

In a faraway land is a Queen whose favorite game is “Guess The Sound”.  One day she begins to hear new sounds – strange, new ones.  Where are these sounds from?  Can she identify them?  Live music is played, in a rich visual world. 

Using classical Arab and classical Western instruments, audience members become familiar with these instruments in a fun, educational way.  Kolot is in Arabic with a Hebrew speaking (another language could easily be used) translator/ signer.  Kolot demonstrates how music truly transcends language, as there are few words yet all is understood – especially children’s joy as they watch and participate in their performance. In this way, mixed audiences of Arabic and Hebrew-speaking children (and their parents, teachers) can enjoy the show together.  

This is a cooperative production of the Tarshihah Classical Arab Orchestra and the Galilee Multicultural Theater (“Zikit”.)

Musicians: Singer, Cello- Rozan Khoury

Oud- Loay Khleif

Violin- Nadeem Makhoul                       

Qanun- AtafBisharat                               

Nai- Jamil Beshtawi            

Percussion- Haitam Bishara


Idea: Pablo Ariel and Rozan Khoury       

Directed by: Pablo Ariel                    

 ext: Pablo Ariel and Henry Andrawes  

Actress: Lama Naamnh                        

Puppeteers: Lama Naamnh, Ana Valsov                                   

Conductor: Rozan Khoury

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