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Four Seasons and One Vivaldi

About the show

Little Vivaldi is fascinated by the story his father tells him about young Petrolino the shepherd.  The life of Petrolino is interwoven with the changing of the seasons, and his formative years follow the cycle of nature. 

The room of little Vivaldi becomes the scene of the play.  In his imagination he sees the furniture changing its shape, in a surprising and humoristic manner, with each season.  These changes take place before the audience's eyes.

The story is based on the text written by Antonio Vivaldi in the introduction to his musical composition "The Four Seasons". The play combines puppet theater techniques with live actors, shadow theater and more. The music leads the play and dictates the rhythm and atmosphere of the events.

The short text of the show is recorded, and it can be done in any language

Recommended: for children aged 4-9  

By:  Efrat Hadany and Pablo Ariel

Puppet design: Efrat Hadany

Music: "The Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi

Direction: Pablo Ariel

Cast :  Eyal Porter, Reem Khouri, Pablo Ariel

Set design :  Hila Flashkes 


2023 Titeres al Sur Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2019 Two month tour in China 

2018 Izmir International Puppets days, Turkey                                                

2017 ANIMART festival Lodz, Poland

        The Jerusalem international puppet Theater festival, Israel

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