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11:11 PM

A man sits while images of his whole life pass before him.

A path is built and disassembled, love, relationships, family and separations.

A man toys with his memories of challenges, failures, intimacy and distancing.

Images connect and disconnect from each other. Creating a life of their own, without him.

‏ This show is without words. It utilizes visual means, objects, puppets, silhouettes, multimedia, dance and original music 

There is no linear story in the show. The stage and its setting form a few focal points Conditions, feelings and thoughts of the character on stage following challenges he had to face, relationships with women, love and intimacy, family, yearning and drifting apart, acceptance and maturation are depicted using objects, puppets, multimedia, ballet, shadows and music.

Pablo Ariel began working on this play as a personal voyage following changes and turning points in his own life in recent years; including parting from his parents, the birth of grandchildren, the dismantling and rebuilding of life frameworks.  He has reached a point of stopping and reflecting, including contemplations about his past.

 Each episode in the play can have various interpretations, and it incorporates universal symbols that echo and touch the private experiences of everyone in the audience. The allusions and associations, the messages and stimulation that are presented by the artist allow the audience to have some "takeaways" relating to their own lives. Thus, the audience becomes part of the play.

Creator and Director: Pablo Ariel

Cast: Nicole Mahler, Gustavo Bustamante, Pablo Ariel

Music: Gustavo Bustamante   Choreography: Nicole Mahler

Set Design and Accessories: Dana Meaden


2023 The third Festival of Puppetry Mostar-Flum, Bosnia Hertzogovina

Award Best Actor, Pablo Ariel

24. International Festival of Professional Puppet Theater “Lut fest” Sarajevo Bosnia Hertzogovina

Award Best original music, Gustavo Bustamante

Habima National Theater Israel

2022 AKKO The International Fringe Theater Festival, Israel

2021 Jerusalem International Puppet Festival, Israel

Tel Aviv Museum of Arts, Israel

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