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About the show

Guli's mother will be traveling for one night and Guli will stay at home with grampa. 

Grampa doesn't hear well and he hardly speaks, so Guli is very concerned and unhappy.

Grampa comes with a gift, this very special gift sparks Guli's world of imagination and play.

During this all night long, some corners of the room became surprising and exciting.

Through unexpected experiences and fantasies, Guli and Grampa find the way to each other.

Visual theater without words, combining two actors, puppets, and shadows accompanied by original music.

Creators Efrat Hadany and Pablo Ariel

Performers: Roni Marsland and Pablo Ariel

Music: Gustavo Bustamante

Production The Galilee Multicultural Theatre


You want us to come to you?


2021 The International Festival of Children's Plays, Subotica Serbia

Acting and Puppet Acting Award "to actress Roni Marsland, "GULI

   First prize for children's plays  FITIJ 8 Festival   

2017 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  International Theater Festival Cali, Colombia

2016 International Puppet Theater Festival Izmir, Turkey

2015 Puppet Festival in the South, Buenos Aires, Argentina

International Children's Theater Meeting, Santa Fe Argentina

Festival of dolls from the world, La Plata Argentina

International Festival, Jerusalem of Puppet Theater, Israel

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